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Conor Keane Hyun O'Brien Abducted 2/22/2011

Conor Keane Hyun O'Brien

      After 4.5 years of silence and grief, a stolen airline tickets (by the Airline, United, please boycott!) in 2014, not getting on a plane April 16, 2013 due to a con man , I have finally scraped together enough money to get to Korea.
      However, I think it'll take about three months to find Conor, then get a job close to where he is. The application process for English teachers is generally about 6 weeks, e.g. I am severely underfunded, but cannot wait any longer.
      Conor and I could really use your help.

     Conor was born in Seoul, Korea, on December 19, 2007. He was, and one can only hope after the trauma of parental abduction, still is a preternaturally calm, intelligent boy. Watching him paying such close attention to things, especially his peers, was awesome. He listened well, learned quickly, and never threw tantrums of any kind. I'd like to think it was the parenting, but I think Conor was just born old.
     He understood the melting Arctic, drawing this, unprompted, at just 2.5 years old:

    One of the great tragedies of his abduction is his age. He was abducted at 3 years old and children's primary wiring, personality and development all happens in those first five years. He will never be the kid he might have been, but I hope restoring our relationship will help him develop into just as bright and good a person as I am certain he would have been before this needless trauma.

Background Story - A Child Betrayed
      Conor was abducted to Korea by his mother, Hyun Sook Sim, a Korean National, in February 2011. He was taken to Korea on false pretenses of a vacation and/or preparing for the family to move there. She took all our savings and several thousand dollars in gold jewelry with the idea that if our permaculture course did not do well she would send a plane ticket and send me the documents needed to obtain a Family visa, F-2 in Korea, so I could join them.
      However, five days after they arrived in Korea all communication was stopped. The next phone call simply never came. There has literally been zero contact from her or my son. Silence. Cold, soul-scorching silence despite numerous calls by me, e-mails, etc.
      I took what little money I did have from selling a gold necklace and went to Korea in early March 2011. The US Embassy could do nothing and were anything but enthusiastic. Worse, I fell ill with kidney stones a day after arriving and could only search for one of the four days I was in Korea. I did visit her family and received nothing from them but silence and the false claim they knew nothing.
      It is important to understand there was no plan to divorce or separate prior to this. This was a premeditated act intended, so far as I can determine, to allow her to pursue a relationship with a former classmate, the same one who was hosting the website for the Permaculture and Resilience Initiative - Detroit. There has never been an e-mail, a call, contact from her, an attorney or government agency. She simply vanished with Conor. Why? She knew I would never agree to be separated from my son, so hiding away with him was apparently what she thought was the best choice since she had secretly decided to break up our marriage.
      Unfortunately, South Korea only joined the Geneva Convention on Parental Abduction in March 2013. It is not retroactive, so I still have no legal recourse in Korea. Or here. I am told because I knew they were taking a trip to Korea it is not kidnapping. That is a ridiculous argument since she obviously planned this and the U.S. law specifically states intentionally separating parent and child is illegal.
      I have not been able to earn the tens of thousands of dollars it would require to hire lawyers ($30k retainer in Korea, e.g.) and wage a legal battle, so have finally given up on keeping my son safe by bringing him back here, choosing to join him there.
      Unlike his mother, I will never keep Conor from her, though she obviously does not deserve any consideration given she tore asunder a loving parent-child relationship. I would obviously never trust her with his safety and security again, but I will not prevent them from having a full relationship.
I can only tell you like it is and hope your heart responds.
      Finding Conor should not be the primary challenge. The police in Korea have an obligation to assist. The tricks will be regaining custody and preventing his mother from disappearing with him again.
      I will find my son. We will be reunited. Your support will achieve one thing principally: it will make the process as simple and least traumatic as possible for Conor. He has already been abused by his mother and deserves an orderly transition to having a full relationship with his father again. And, depending on her continued level of selfishness and disregard for her son and for me, a full relationship with his mother, too.
      It has been hell. Literally. Few things could possibly be worse. Please, for Conor, help me find him and restore the vital relationships a child needs to be the best person they can be.

A Story, What's International Parental Abduction, A Con Man And An Airline Steals A Year Of Our Life Together

A Perfect Future Day? A story being written...
              Naulul Salanghae
              “I hear the sounds of the coming morn
              suddenly I awake, you’re there…”
                   – Han Dong-Jun, trans. Killian O’Brien

          Morning came suddenly in his youth. Always tired, fatigued, but instantly awake. Dreams usually preceded wakefulness, often waking to a jerk of a limb. Once, he woke trying to bite an apple, hand curved as if the apple had substance. Sleeping well had never been one of his gifts; severe sleep apnea, a device had decided. A naturally low energy level despite a high metabolism turned out to be 50 years of sleep deprivation. A liberating discovery, he had decided; one more thing he could blame on something outside his control. The cause was unimportant.
          He liked his mornings quiet and slow. Unless it was Saturday, Conor slept as late as possible. Whether it was genetic or conditioning, that particular slice of the apple hadn’t fallen far from the tree. Sundays, like today, he was tired from Saturdays, leaving the kitchen quiet, the view of the tree tops out the large bay window of the small breakfast nook, serenity. Conor in his bed asleep, a deep, quiet and endless source of joy. He picked up one of two pencils atop the bright yellow legal pad. Sundays were for lead and pressed pulp.
     Conor. He smiled, a tiny half-laugh escaping. Did all parents feel this way? Of course not, he knew. Children were targets or burdens for too many, screamed in the headlines every day. A sobering, sad though. He would never understand this, could never understand this. Imagining it was too painful to follow through with. Suddenly he realized his musings moments earlier had been of only joy and contentment where Conor was concerned. None of the past, the deep anger, betrayal and pain had intruded, poisoning the moment... a hint? Was it time to write Conor’s story, their story, he wondered? Let the words decide what they needed to be.
     It was good, the dance of lead and pulp and thought and emotion. Simple. Keep it simple, essential, he thought, gazing out the thick plate glass. Tell what needed to be told, not what his anger wanted to say. Keep unfulfilled thoughts of justice and revenge, thoughts that could never be fulfilled, no matter how well deserved, out of it. People needed to understand. More, and more powerful, people needed to understand what one parent tearing out two hearts, those of people they supposedly loved – had loved? - was. Something should come from such tragedies. Tears should be cried, hearts should be burned, the flames quenched in those tears, but tears and burning hearts would mean nothing if something wasn't done, if nothing changed, leaving Left Behind parents on their own.
     He became aware he was spinning the pencil on the tips of his fingers, as he had learned from his students in Korea - classrooms full of helicopter pencils. Blank faces like uni-color balloons hovering over very busy spinning pencils. It made him smile, one corner of his mouth rising. A deep breath filled his lungs, bringing him fully awake, released in a short rush of warm breathed air. It's time. Pencil found paper, moving smoothly across it, a slight drag from the friction of carbon across layers of pressed wood fiber, his hand making the pencil write, his thoughts guiding the pencil, his will taking up sentry duty over a vulnerable heart.
    “The realization came, triggering an instant panic,” he wrote...

International Parental Abduction
What is International Parental Abduction? It is Severe Child Abuse:

According to Huntington, "in child stealing the children are used as both objects and weapons in the struggle between the parents which leads to the brutalization of the children psychologically, specifically destroying their sense of trust in the world around them." Because of the events surrounding parental child abduction, Huntington emphasizes that "we must reconceptualize child stealing as child abuse of the most flagrant sort" (Huntington, 1982, p. 7)."
      International Parental Abduction is also a federal crime and an international crime.

Replacing a Stolen Ticket: #BoycottUnited     The real problem is United Airlines. I had a $1200 credit with them. I called March 15, 2014 finding possible flights on June 26 and 27. I called back an hour later and was told my credit simply did not exist. I called back a month later and was told, yes, it existed, but had elapsed on March 8. I've been fighting them ever since. They are the ONLY reason I am not already in Korea. Please #BoycottUnited, and let them and me know you will not fly with them, and especially if you would have otherwise so they realize in holding back a paid for $1,200+ ticket, they are losing money.

Con Man, Peter Senese , and I-CARE
     I found the I-CARE foundaztion - a fake - website just before I was to leave for Korea in April 2013. Peter persuaded me to not get on my flight the next day, April 16, saying he would find my legal counsel and set up a plan to get Conor back to the U.S. within 10 days. Three months later, with Peter constantly urging me to get money together, I realized I had been conned. He's now in jail, as the link above attests.


Killian O'Brien

Old Info, etc.

UPDATE 9/1/13

* Peter Thomas Senese appraently is a fraudster. The man just cost me five months of time in Korea finding/being with my son. Disgusting piece of filth preying on the pain and hope of parents bereft of their children. True scumbag.


On April 15th, 2013 I agreed to remain in the U.S. in order for the non-existent (I have searched non-profit databases and found no evidence of this foundation; if you have any evidence or proof one way or the other, let me know) foundation to help me:
1. Find legal representation, utilizing his supposed network of international lawyers. (This "list" no longer exists on his website.)
2. Find out where my son is in Korea.
3. Help find work. He even claimed there was a job on a film coming in mid-August. Lie.

4. Help with visa issues. Claimed to visit the Korean Consulate. I believe this to have been a complete lie.
5. Help legally recover Conor if the opportunity arose.
6. Etc.

If you are a parent and a victim of  International Child Abduction, understand this guy is a SCAM ARTISTS and nothing more. 

Best-selling author? Joke. Self-published? Yes. Me, too! I have my name on an ASCAP song as co-writer and published poetry. Big deal.

Crappy, selfie-based videos? Yes. Movie? Not.

Stay away from this disgusting fraud.

UPDATE 6/16/13
* Currently working with the I CARE Foundation, an organization founded by a "left behind" parent, Peter Thomas Senese, that works to recover children who are victims of International Parental Abduction. 
 - Determined certain legal stutuses
 - Obtained legal counsel
 - Gathering evidence against false testimonies
 - Re-contacted FBI, NCMEC, and the Office of Children's Issues.
* New info and edits below.

 UPDATE 3/02/13
* After a year of trying to generate significant savings to pay professionals to help with this (minimum of $15k), I am selling what I can and going.

UPDATE 9/16/11
* Report made to National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC).
* Police report had been misfiled. Corrected and re-filed
* State Department contacted.
* Social Security number recovered.


Conor Recovery Funds

Fast Facts on International Parental Abduction

* International Parental Abduction is a federal crime.
* International Parental Abduction is an international crime.
* International Parental Abduction is Child (and Spousal) Abuse. 
* Fewer than 10% of all victims of International Parental Abduction are ever returned to the Left Behind parent.
* Summer vacations and other vacations, particularly abroad, are the most likely time for an abduction to occur.

Help me recover my son.

Raising money to get to Korea. Have plane ticket, need money for expenses while searching. Need a lot of money to get professional assistance in the recovery - minimum of $15k - and far more lawyers. After two years, and working in solar sales to get savings, I can't wait any longer. It's time to go regardless of what I have in hand.

Contact me at:

I still own the house we bought in Detroit. I am selling it for a minimal amount for very quick sale.

Craig's List ad:

Facebook post:

Recovering Conor
On or about February 22, 2011 my son became a victim of Parental Abduction. All contact between Sim Hyun Sook and I, and my son and I, was cut off. There was no plan to divorce or separate. In fact, I stayed in the US to complete a course for PRI-Det, L3c, our training business. If it had made money, they were to return, if not, I was to join them. She took all our savings and valuable jewelry. I was dependent upon her for 1. a flight to Korea and 2. the letter needed to get the F-2 visa to be stay long term and work in Korea.

She has committed a felony under Parental Abduction Laws, and has violated both our laws and international law.

Parental Abduction is considered child abuse.

Conor Keane Hyun O'Brien @ 2.5 years old.

My original offers to try to raise funds for Conor's recovery while keeping PRI-Det, L3C viable, from 2011. This would still be a great thing for us and for Detroit, but it seems quite unlikely I can bring Conor back from Korea due to the legal situation.

We will continue to offer workshops, e.g., we will be presenting at the local Great Lakes Bioneers in October and did a two-day series at the Detroit Public Library back in April, but will conduct full PDCs only as requested for the time being, and only small scale.

I am seeking partners, investors or loans from $3500 - $15,000 in order to retain our current location and provide sufficient funds to get to harvest next season, and build my design business.

There are two possible futures for PRI-Det, L3C. First, a partnership(s) is developed taking PRI-Det, L3C in the same or a different direction. Second, gifts, investors and business loans enable PRI-Det, L3C to continue as described above. The available tranches are listed below under “Investments/Loans.”.

A partnership would be an opportunity to rethink and restructure PRI-Det, L3C to reflect the new, egalitarian, dual/multiple identity, which was always the goal. The ideal partner(s) would include at least one of the following, preferably several:
  • Invest as a 50/50 or minority owner up to $15k (I’ve put over $60k into creating PRI-Det, L3C including transitioning from Korea, buying the site, etc.)
  • Be an experienced permaculturist, gardener, landscaper, organic gardener.
  • Have management skills and be interested in being Director of PRI-Det, L3C.
  • Have excellent community-building and outreach skills
  • Pursue funding (As an L3C, rather than LLC, PRI-Det, L3C can pursue Programmed Giving funds; 501(c)(3) status should be pursued.)
I’d also consider selling PRI-De outright. The price includes a 6k sq ft. site, home and truck, etc.

Tranch I
Non-deductible Donation to PRI-Det, L3C or personally to Killian O’Brien.

Tranch II
Invest: PRI-Det, L3C is a form of limited liability company. This option essentially makes you a partner. Returns based on net income after all costs. A 1% share costs $300. Security:  Home on two lots.

Tranch III
Business Loan: 0% interest. Term: 3 years beginning January, 2012. Security: Home on two lots.

Tranch IV
Business Loan: 1% interest. Term: 3 years beginning January, 2012. Security: Home on two lots.

Tranch V
Business Loan: 2% interest. Term: 5 years January, 2012. Security: Home on two lots.

Tranch VI
Business Loan: 3% interest. Term: 7 years January, 2012. Security: Home on two lots.


Killian O’Brien
Director, Permaculture and Resilience Initiative – Detroit